Our laboratory is interested in understanding how autoreactive B cells, despite chronic antigen engagement of the B cell receptor, are restrained from inappropriate activation and differentiation. We are interested in how this process is disrupted in autoimmune disease, and how tolerance mechanisms can be harnessed to treat autoimmunity. To do so, we are taking advantage of novel reporter mice in which autoreactive B cells are fluorescently marked (Nur77-eGFP BAC transgenic line). Current funded projects include dissecting the distinct roles of the IgM and IgD B cell receptor isotypes in regulating immune responses by autoreactive B cells. More recent work is focused on defining how Nur77 and related orphan nuclear hormone receptors function selectively to restrain activation of chronically antigen-activated B cells.


The Zikherman Lab is located in the newly renovated 12th floor laboratory space of the Health Sciences West (HSW) building on the Parnassus Campus at UCSF. We share the floor with five other labs. The six labs on the 12th floor share a mouse procedure room as well as a conference room and break room. Tissue culture rooms adjoin the open lab space. From the 12th floor, the lab space has commanding views of Golden Gate Park, the Marin Headlands, the Presidio, the Inner Sunset, and the Pacific Ocean. The surrounding neighborhood hosts a number of nice restaurants and bars for lunch and happy hours. The UCSF Parnassus campus is located on the SF Muni N-Judah line and there are multiple UCSF shuttles that travel between the multiple campuses across the city making it easily accessible from most areas of San Francisco.